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Dragonís Wing Entertainment Press Release

For IMMEDIATE release!


Dragonís Wing Entertainment, in regards to this Milwuakee Metal Fest, which recently featured two of connecticut's bands first time ever to be involved, we are highly disappointed.

On Saturday it was brought to our attention that A Dark Tomorrow was treated so poorly by this festival. No table, the banner which another band made, was taken and table dismantled, the "key " slot which A Dark Tomorrow ( was promised was a 4:30 slot which was not included in this contract. Our company paid 2000.00 for our bands to play. Vicious Cycle( also was ripped off with the poor promoting of this festival.

We are assosiating ourselves with this class action suit being brought against jack Koshoshick Presents Inc. We have alerted these two bands that we will be including damages and cost for their troubles. DWE is a company started by Steve Mutch in 2004, our company sticks to our policy that our bands are also family and will be treated with respect and with dignity! We do not rip off our bands, we do try our best to promote them as best we can. We love our guys and we will not loose the respect DWE and our bands have richly earned! br>

Currently we would like to wish Steve Mutch a safe trip as he is currently on tour these next four weeks. Dragon's Wing has also just purchased more lighting equipment to better service our bands if lighting is needed Rates can be aquired by calling 860-888-2943 and ask for Steve. More information about Dragon's Wing workings can be viewed at their web site,